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Chesley Millikin
Michael Corcoran's Chesley Millikin Page
Austin Chronicle - Chesley Millikin Obituary
Chesley Millikin on Stevie Ray Vaughn Legacy
J. Marshall Craig's Photo Page

Widgeon Holland
The Official Widgeon Holland Web Page

David Lindley
The Official David Lindley Web Page

John Sebastian
The Official John Sebastian Web Page
John Sebastian Wikipedia Page

Ramblin' Jack Elliott
Ramblin' Jack Elliot Web Page
Ramblin' Jack Elliot Wikipedia Page

The Grateful Dead
Official Site of the Grateful Dead
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Mickey Hart Wikipedia Page

Jerry Scheff
Jerry Scheff Website
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John Martyn
John Martyn Home Page

Rock Scully
Rock Scully - "Living With The Dead"
Summer of Love Oral Archive by Rock Scully
Rock Scully at Answers.Com

Nicki Scully
Shamanic Journeys Website
Nicki Scully Wikipedia Page

Kaja Fehr
Kaja Fehr - Internet Movie Data Base IMDb

Terry Reid
Terry Reid's Index Page
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Rolling Thunder
Rolling Thunder by Doug Boyd

Monica Walsh
Monica Walsh at Cellular Memory.Org

Jackson Browne
Official Jackson Browne Website
Jackson Browne Wikipedia Page
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Henry Lewy
Henry Lewy at Answers.Com

Joni Mitchell
Official Joni Mitchell Website
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The Band
The Band - Official Website
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Richard Manuel Wikipedia Page
The Band Wikipedia Page

Stevie Ray Vaughn
Stevie Ray Vaughn Wikipedia Page (see Discussion Page)
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Bill Paxton
Bill Paxton - Internet Movie Data Base IMDb
Bill Paxton - Wikipedia Page

John L. Paxton
John Paxton (II) Page - Internet Movie Data Base IMDb